Life behind the Eyes of a Gypsy

I realized right there and then that in life you have to make your dreams come true. Even if there are just the ones you have to figure out. I went from terrified to optimistic.” – Drew Barrymore

Gypsy Eyes

This blog is my bright side. Sharing my love, ideas and stories in the world of fashion and travelling. This is my free-spirited life. The life of a Gypsy Goddess, blogger, and sassy Canadian with dreams as big as my heart โค


Fall Trends 2017

Hello Wildflowers! With fall now in full swing, possibly minus us Torontonians due to lack of fall like weather, I would like to share with all of you this years trends and where to find them on the cheap aka Zara. Why Zara? Again, as previously mentioned, Zara is the most affordable and trendy clothing …