Life behind the Eyes of a Gypsy

I realized right there and then that in life you have to make your dreams come true. Even if there are just the ones you have to figure out. I went from terrified to optimistic.” – Drew Barrymore

Gypsy Eyes

This blog is my bright side. Sharing my love, ideas and stories in the world of fashion and travelling. This is my free-spirited life. The life of a Gypsy Goddess, blogger, and sassy Canadian with dreams as big as my heart ❤


A Glimpse of 2017

Hello Wildflowers! As this year is coming to a a close I want to think back on this joyous year and the lessons that I have learned from it. I never imagined that I would finally experience an amazing year filled with so many happy memories and life experiences. Lets just say that 2016 and …