Hipster meets Mexicana


There isn’t much you know about me (yet), but one thing you need to know is that I do not have one defined style. I never have and probably never will.

My personal style is always changing. Always.

I dress for the days agenda.
I dress for the occasion.
I dress for the weather.
I dress for anything and everything.

I dress for me (usually).

It’s what keeps my wardrobe forever exciting and forever evolving.

Todays style?


Style: hipster (meets mexicana)
Occasion: bar shift at a total rad Mexican dig
Outfit: rocking the classic ROLLING STONES tee paired with…..worn out black jeans (always)
Kicks: Eytys
Accessories: artsy wired handband, SEPHORA matte red lipstick (forever always) and one hell of a quirky personality!
Signature: laughter & pigtails



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