Runways & Donuts


Hope all have had a fun, relaxing and joyful weekend!

There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to be living in such a lively and down to earth place, but if there is one thing I love about living in Sydney, it is that there is always something going on. Every second of everyday, there is always something to keep your mind joyful and full of adventures. I can barely keep up with it all! I genuinely love this city and it is such a relief for me to finally say those words after having of lived here for two months. I don’t think I could ever leave such a hopeful place that has given me the courage to keep fighting for my optimistic dreams.

Now before I ramble too much about my sentimental life here in Oz, this post is really about my weekend adventure at the SYDNEY RUNWAY POP-UP EVENT!


To summarize this rad event, MYER every year holds this two day pop-up event on their main shopping strip here in SYDNEY. They welcome all to join them for their runway shows, free hairstyling and meeting of editors from COSMO, ELLE & WOMEN’S WEEKLY. Needless to say I ate all of this up, I was loving every second of it!

When I had first arrived I was given a “passport” aka my guide to the ultimate fashion & beauty experience. With this I was to engage with their exclusive sponsor pop-ups throughout and collect stamps from each one. Once three stamps were collected you receive a FREE GOODIE BAG! I mean how could you not participate?

These stamps included sipping a cup of DILMAN green tea, saying a friendly hello to some personal shopping stylists and pretending to be on the cover of ELLE! How rad is that?

2016-08-28 11.10.20
MAGS, VOUCHERS, SAMPLES, WATER (duh), CHOCOLATE (which I clearly ate…)

During all of this fashion shows and demos were being put on in the main strip. I had the chance to sit in on the DYSON SUPERSONIC blow dryer demo, which was to my amazement highly entertaining, but…


I couldn’t sit there for the entire thing. Not going to lie, I couldn’t stop thinking about eating a DONUT….what can I say the heart wants what the heart wants.



What crazy adventure did you get up to this weekend?


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