VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out


As some of you may recall from my last post RUNWAYS & DONUTS, I babbled on about how there is always something going on in Sydney. Sometimes these things are just stumbled upon by accident and in the end we can’t help but smile from ear to ear, thrilled at the thought that we got so lucky to find something so exhilarating! That was me on Thursday evening at the VOGUE American Express Fashion’s Night Out event. An event that is held every year to mark the beginning of SPRING with an excuse to drink free champagne around DAVID JONES.

Now the fashion fanatic that I am, I was quite disappointed in myself for not knowing about this. For someone who is always on the lookout for such events, it is beyond me how I had managed to almost let this one slip by me. I was fortunate enough though to be walking around Pitt Street earlier that day and noticed an entire Vogue crew bustling away. Once I had received word on what was happening I knew instantly that I had to ditch all plans for that evening (dim sum and gin bars) and get in on this action….

I jolted out of work with the expression of freedom written across my face as I weaved in and out of the streets until I had approached the VOGUE balloon “gates”. An entrance that had left me with lots of smiles and an empty stomach, but who could think about food at an opportunity like this? No one.

The BODY SHOP was my first stop with its greenery archway and lots of clay masks to experiment with, but I couldn’t think about experimenting knowing there were hundreds of other booths just waiting to be awed at. I was like a child hyped up on candy, I couldn’t sit still and admire everything. I felt I only had time for quick glimpses if I was determined to see it all.

As I made my way through the booths, from bars to makeup tutorials to booming music I realized how underdressed I was. I was surrounded by such sophisticated, successful and beautiful women who walked around as if they owned this night. I was in awe of them. I came completely unprepared in my velvet high neck dress paired with my rocker pin jean jacket and basic beige flats. WHAT WAS I THINKING! This was after all VOGUE. You’d be crazy not to show up in your finest spring attire, but then I came to the realization that I am a fashion blogger after all and can run by my own rules.

Find a statement piece, add on some lipstick and own the night!

Luckily for me all stores along the strip were having 20% promo sales specifically for this event which made me feel a little less guilty about making splurging purchases on a broken bank account. The first store I had waltzed across was GENRAL PANTS CO. and I was easily lured in by the free give away of SMIRNOFF VODKA drinks. Now drinking with the determination of finding my statement piece was just beyond blissful and after rummaging through endless racks I finally saw it. It was the one thing I knew would make this grungy rock look complete and possibly a little classier. The CHILLI FELT HAT!  Needless to say I didn’t walk out with just that, but a vintage looking like 90’s cord skirt never hurt anybody.

Now with my statement piece and a touch-up of my go to nude lipstick I was ready to rock this night VOGUE STYLE. Now before I continue to bore you with every nitty gritty detail of this rad evening, here are some of the booths I had managed to see and experience:

  • Yves Saint Laurent: Promo? Free makeovers accompanied with a photoshoot of the new you and a goodie makeup bag filled with your retouch essentials for the night!
  • Brickworks Exclusive Cinema Bar: Rock out to some DJ tunes all while enjoying a glass of your favourite drink! Who knew you had to be a VIP to enter…sad days.
  • SAMSUNG Studio: Grab a stick of pink cotton candy and get photographed behind some rad neon lights.

After I had managed to soak my happiness in cotton candy and one too many selfies, I then began to make my way to the main attraction for the evening….DAVID JONES!

Now what I am about to share with you, I think it is safe to say that I was definitely not prepared for what was to come. Stepping into David Jones almost felt like walking into a dream, a dream that you did not want to wake up from. Every corner that you turned and every floor that you approached, there was something going on. The aisles were lined up with more champagne, wine, BLUE cotton candy, teas, walls of flowers, DONUTS (sadly they ran out by the time I got there…sad days)….you name it and it was there.

While indulging in all of this you could also pamper yourself in endless makeovers, manis, and samples. It was such an incredible experience and with so much going on you possibly could not do it all.

After finally surrendering to my stomach and being all champagne out, I felt it was time to say goodbye to this whimsical dream and call it a night. Now for those who know me I couldn’t possibly walk away from this evening without a little something to remember it by. Of course I had my statement piece which I felt had saved me from this evening, but sometimes we all just need that little something called VOGUE.

Now I originally had my heart set on a Vogue tee, but after discovering that David Jones was charging $130 a pop, I was faced with the choice between a basketball or a water bottle to commemorate this night. Seeing as I am no sports fanatic by any means, the decision was quite easy.

As I begin to step out out of the Vogue illuminating entrance and leave such an exhilarating night behind me, I was surprised to find myself bumping into a Vogue photographer who had eagerly asked to take a few snapshots of me. With a quizzical look on my face he began to explain how perfect I had looked under such lighting and to him I was absolutely radiant.


So as I stood there under the illuminating lights trying to reminisce over this night and admire the compliment that I had just received, I realized right there and than that sometimes we may never discover our own beauty, but someone out there always will.




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