The Duchess of Tutus


Today I am finally introducing a new segment to the blog called FLASHBACK FRIDAYS where I will be sharing with you the history of my personal style and the questionable fashion choices I have made in the past.

With summer finally coming to an end and everyone bustling off to new adventures, whether in school, work or travels, I thought I’d dig up a memory that had marked my first adventure many years ago.

DATE: September 2010
LOCATION: London, England
THE BRIEF: Typical tourist roaming around Buckingham Palace, flaunting my stuff and wishing I were a Duchess of all things.


  • Coat by Anthropologie: this probably has to be one of my all time favourite coats, one that I will always refuse to give up! I remember receiving this as a gift for Christmas one year and I was beyond hesitant on ever wearing it due to the fact that there is a tutu sewn into it. Yes, a tutu. I rarely wore it during my senior year of high school, embarrassed of the fact that I looked like some royal wannabe and high school was clearly no place for a tutu. England however, well that is exactly where you would want to be strutting one hell of a tutu coat.
  • Cashmere Scarf by Coach: still classic, obviously.
  • Black Leather Slouch Bag by Anthropologie: still rocking this bag to this day! Everyone has that one bag that they will never give up and will keep for years, this is my one bag that will never be tossed into the giveaway pile, ever. With its simplicity, it will never be out of style and will forever be a classic in my closet. The best thing about this bag is the leather has aged so well over the past six years, that it almost looks vintage. LOVE.
  • Black Jeans off a market in Italy (circa 2008): my number one go to pair of jeans in high school. These were the only jeans I ever wore and I was beyond obsessed with them….until I got too big to fit into them again. It may not look like it but I had to squeeze my way into those jeans by the time I moved away to England. I couldn’t even bend in those jeans, but I somehow managed to squeeze my way into them for a solid year! I finally had to say my goodbyes and leave them behind, mainly because my sister refused to put them into the suitcase. I was brought to tears never knowing when I’d ever find a great pair again.
  • Sparkly Black Flats in a quaint little shop in Italy (circa 2008): I will admit that they were probably by far the most hideous flats I have ever owned, but like most things I was in love with them at the time. At such a young age we can’t help but love things that are sparkly and give such a statement. Needless to say I wore those flats into the ground. They were practically destroyed by the time my year had ended in England. Again my sister had refused to let these bad boys into the suitcase and after much yelling she obviously won in the end. Thank god, but I think there was a part of me that had refused to part from them knowing they had come from Italy. It was a sentimental thing, but another excuse to visit Italy again and buy a much classier pair! Maybe this time I’ll just stick with the basics.

VERDICT: At the time I saw this look as a timeless and sophisticated piece that should be flaunted around BUCKINGHAM PALACE! I have no regrets on what I had worn that day and still believe that look today is timeless. Okay well maybe not the sparkly flats, but the other items will never leave my closet.

ADVICE: I firmly believe every women should own a great pair of fitting black jeans, a basic black bag and statement coat that can give your entire wardrobe a whole new meaning!


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