August 2016


Welcome to my second FASH MAG where I share all my fashion favourites from monthly magazines. Ever since I got into fashion at the age of sixteen all I ever did was read fashion magazines. I was one who never read the latest best sellers, but instead was head deep into the latest fashion trends. I never read though, just looked. I was more of a visual person. I was the one who awed at the fashion ads and got a kick out of analyzing the design structure of the magazine. It was this I believe that had kicked started me into graphic design, inspiring me to become a layout design artist for a fashion publication one day. I still continue to hold onto that dream, along with many others, but I’ll leave that story for another day.

For this months FASH MAG I will be sharing all my favourite things from HARPER’S BAZAAR AUSTRALIA August issue! My entire life I have only ever read VOGUE or ELLE, never have I bought a Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I bought this one though in particular because I was intrigued by BELLA HADIDs’ beauty. I’ve been seeing her every where in the fashion world and all I knew her as was GIGI HADID’s sister. I wanted to know more about her, what she was really like behind all the glam and runways…..


Top: Louis Vuitton – Bottom Left & Right: Gucci – Middle: Burberry

I. Louis Vuitton: Since the age of sixteen my favourite ads have and always will be LOUIS VUITTON. I don’t know what it is, but their form of advertising always seem to have this simplicity yet bold of creativity to them that make them so atheistically pleasing. Louis Vuitton truly knows how to create a beautiful masterpiece with their designs. I still vividly remember my all time favourite piece that they have ever created. It had a slight dark vibe to it that had featured Madonna sitting in an empty pub and everything that she wore was simply beautiful.

II. Gucci: Not only do I adore this GUCCI ad, but I’d also kill to have a coat like that! From my latest post, FLASHBACK FRIDAY, I had mentioned how every women should own a statement coat. THIS IS IT!

III. Burberry: Kind of just want that entire outfit featured in BURBERRY. Such a perfect outfit for the fall season. It is beyond classic and timeless. LOVE ❤

Top: Street Styles – Left to Right: Bomber Jackets, Rad Tutu, Runway on Rich Fabrics

I. On the Street: I found this blurb to be quite interesting because STREET STYLE has become a huge thing in 2016. I personally love it because 80% of my personal style is this. I love having a grunge look to my style, but still has that sense of sophistication to it. It is all about pairing the right pieces together to master this look. I’m still trying to master it, but admittedly enough I probably overthink this style way too much and need to just go for it.

II. BOMBS AWAY! Love, love, love the bomber jacket look. Again it is that whole street style look, a jacket that can easily give that grunge or classy vibe. It is all about mastering and owning it. Did you know that the bomber jacket was first produced in 1963 and it was designed for temperatures between 10 to minus 10 degrees Celsius? Mind blown, but in my opinion this should be in everyones closet! It can work on so many levels! I bought myself a basic black bomber jacket when I had first moved here months ago and I am absolutely in love with it!

III. RICH Fabrics: I really just want that top middle coat ❤ Pink fur on the cuffs, umm yes please!


I. This month Bazaar had put various style pieces together on how to look fabulous for every age. Oddly enough it was the 60+ I related to and loved the most! Bold prints and embellishment give classic looks a playful edge. These pieces are without a doubt bold and quirky, pieces that I’d so totally wear. The 20s look were also rad and totally up my street.

II. THE LIST: Love, love, loveeeeeeeeee #3, the embroidered bust dress by GUCCI (bottom right)! What I wouldn’t do to have that hanging in my closet. That and the embroidered swan clutch by STELLA MCCARTNEY! Now accepting donations 😉


Top: Updates for Every Age – Left to Right: Scout Willis and Fabulous at Every Age

I. Updates for Every AGE: Was really intrigued with this written piece by LISA ARMSTRONG who argues that “age-appropriate” means less and less. Reading this I learned that it’s not what we wear, it’s how we wear it. It reminded me a lot of my mom who wears such bold statement pieces all the time, pieces that I always felt were too young for her, but she somehow manages to make it work. Armstrong also goes into discussing the upcoming trends and how at every age that trend can work for you. Definitely worth the read!

II. Talent SCOUT: Not only did I find it fascinating that Demi and Bruce have another child besides RUMER WILLIS, but this beauty, SCOUT WILLIS, has her own clothing line, SCOUT’S GENERAL!

“These are the pieces in the back of your closet that you know will make you feel beautiful, sexy and effortless.”

YASSS! Love that! Did I also forget to mention that she is my age? She is twenty-five years old and has successfully managed to start her own line. What a beauty! The thing I love about her though is that she has whole heartedly admitted that she comes from privilege with her parents being who they are. I appreciate and admire her for that.

III. Fabulous at Every Age: This was also another beautifully written piece that was put together by writer GEORGINA SAFE. For this issue Bazaar had various women through the ages talk about their success and it what it means to make their years count. I stuck to the 20’s hoping to find some form of motivation and hope, but these women have done it! They have become ultimately successful and achieved so much already at such a young age. All very well spoken and talented women, but one had struck me as real and that was ALLY WATSON. I whole heartedly admire her because she encourages young women to take risks and fail often.

We need to teach girls that failure is often the path to success.” 

It was this that had reminded me of why I had come to Australia in the first place, to take risks in what I love doing and to understand that if I fail it will only lead to better opportunities down the road.

Top & Bottom Left: A Fashionable Life – Middle and Bottom Right: Photo Synthesis

I. A FASHIONABLE Life: Love this power couple! They are truly a ray of sunshine, a love I hope to find one day. What I love about them is their sense of style and how they mesh so well together. I LOVE that he has this bad a$$ look about him while she is this beautiful, sophisticated and classy women.

II. PHOTO SYNTHESIS: Successful artist DINA BROADHURST, has truly mastered the world of art, stepping outside of the norm and creating such distinctively feminine collages. Bazaar writer ELIZA O’HARE states that Broadhurst’s collages are themed around beauty, sexuality and body issues that all women face. I absolutely love that!


Love (there’s that word again) this piece Bazaar had done on RIO. Again it’s the design, the styles, the photography, everything! The way that photographer THOMAS WHITESIDE had captured this beautiful city and its culture was beautifully well done. I’d also kill to have that stellar see through pink GUCCI dress (top right). Still accepting donations 😉

Now onto the main event….BELLA HADID!

If I could pick one word to describe her it would be FLAWLESS. Her beauty, her personality, her vibe, everything. I love her because she is not out there like most models in this industry. I love that she is this down to earth and quiet individual. She has this sense of secrecy to her. Photographer Georges Antoni I believe truly captured the essence of her beauty and the way that she comes across as this very calm, collected and laid back individual. What I wouldn’t do to have that entire wardrobe hanging in my poor mans closet…..#dreamer.


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