Fall Trends 2017

Hello Wildflowers!

With fall now in full swing, possibly minus us Torontonians due to lack of fall like weather, I would like to share with all of you this years trends and where to find them on the cheap aka Zara.

Why Zara?

Again, as previously mentioned, Zara is the most affordable and trendy clothing retail outlet out there! Not to mention that they are also located worldwide! Providing all fashion enthusiasts with the latest trends all year round. Anything and everything can be found here, you can turn their styles into your own. The possibilities are endless, always. My gypsy boho inspired personal style never fails when shopping at Zara. With working a minimum wage job, I know they will never disappoint when seeking an all new trend for cheap. This is why I always choose Zara and will always showcase their clothing on my blog.

In my latest post, Paris Fashion Week Street Styles, I had briefly mentioned the trends that were hitting the streets during fashion month. Every year fashion bloggers, enthusiasts, designers, celebrities, editors, and anyone with a fashion forward mind set the tone for what is to be expected for this season. They are the trends.


The one thing I love about this trend is that you can practically pair anything with it, literally ANYTHING. This is where your personal style can kick in, make it YOU. With tulle being sheer and basic, one can easily dress it up or down. Pair it with a vintage rock tee, a groovy bra, ripped jeans, a slip dress, 70’s rockin’ booties or thigh high boots – the possibilities are endless. I love this look and I believe everyone should have a tulle piece hanging in their closet for this fall season.





Now every season this is sort of a given, but this year it is all about the small geometric shaped like bags – bucket, round, square, etc. – this is the all new fad happening this fall, especially in bold and/or unique prints.

For more of this years fall fashion trends please check out my various Pinterest pages including Falling in Love with Fall and Street Styles!

Happy Fall Trending!


Inspiration Credits: Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us me.

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