Hallow Costumes

Hallow Wildflowers!

With October coming to an end and Halloween just around the corner it is that time of year again for us all to have a mini panic attack over what to wear for a pointless night out. I for one have never really been one for Halloween. I mean I’ve never disliked it as a kid, I absolutely loved it and always got excited to see what costume my mom had decided for me to be for that year. She had always decided on who I was to be, which I guess led me to not liking the idea of Halloween as I got older. I had always just left it in her hands and never stressed about it. More times than not, my mom always found herself handing me something that I or my sisters had previously worn in the past. Throughout my entire childhood my mom had only ever bought me two brand new costumes. Everything else in between was made up on the fly. The only year I remember ever putting any effort into my costume was my first year of high school. In that year I went to a private school for the first time so Halloween was sort of a big deal. It meant that you did not have to wear your boring uniform and have a little fun with your outfit. That year I went as Daphne from Scoopy Doo. I remember seeing this costume at one of your typical Halloween party stores and wanting to buy it so badly, but I couldn’t justify the price for it. So I took a little trip to Value Village and managed to score myself a vintage pink dress, a lime green tee that I later cut up to use as a neck scarf and head piece, and some stellar purple flats for cheap. I even went as far as dying my hair orange for this, it was amazing! I wish I had taken a picture of myself from that day because that was probably the only time I ever got psyched about a Halloween costume idea. The years that followed after I never could bring myself to get motivated again and put my heart into finding a really cool costume. I always found myself rummaging through my closet trying to find something that could easily work last minute. I almost have to laugh thinking back on some of my costume ideas over the years….

As one can obviously see, these costume ideas clearly came out of my closet with no thought given. I was never one for spending money unless I knew I was going to use that piece again. This year I am completely stumped on what I’m going to wear and have no idea what I can use in my closet to make up something on the fly.

If you are currently stuck in my given situation with wanting to spend little to no money, but still want to have that creative costume idea then fear no more! I want to share with all of you some creative Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank, but will leave you wearing these styles again after this dreadful “holiday”.

Dressing up at a princess is easy, especially if you want to make it current. Grab a tiara from your nearest dollar store, buy an elegant piece dress that fits into the colour scheme of the princess of your choosing and BAM! I’d pick a Princess that you most resemble or a colour that you know you will find yourself wearing again.


Need more clothes for work, but don’t know how to go about it with also needing a costume for the office? This costume will do it. Buy yourself a classy black skirt, a simple white blouse (if you do not already have one hanging in your closet) and vintage round “glasses” to complete this Halloween look! The bonus part is, glasses are the on-going trend at the moment! Go crazy!


The little black lace dress is my favourite style of all! This typical style is amazing because it can work for several unique costume ideas, such as a baby doll, candy skull or Wednesday Adams. All you need is some creative makeup, hair in braids, and a look that reads “I hate Halloween, leave me alone.”


This style is probably the most iconic and classic one of all, but can work so well if done right. Again, all one would need is a simple black dress, some vintage looking like pearls, a tiara, black sunnies and a pair of long silk gloves from the dollar store. EASY!


We all love that iconic sassy cartoon character, especially when it comes to Lucy Van Pelt.  If you’ve got the sass than anything is possible. Grab yourself a vintage like blue denim dress, classic brogues, blue ankle socks and a football to complete this look!


Happy Costume Hunting!


Inspiration Credits: Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact me.

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