Christmas…Too Soon?

Hello Wildflowers!

Christmas is in the air and cold weather is upon us, but when is it time to start decorating our homes and indulging in never ending Mariah? This is the question that we ask ourselves every year, wondering if we should start following the trends that retail has begun to do. Over this past week I have had a few discussions with various people on when is it considered too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit. I remember growing up that getting into the idea of Christmas was not a thing until the first of December or until we were graced with the first snow fall of the season. The day after Halloween seemed lunatic at the time seeing as us children were still loathing over the idea of it being over. So when is it considered too early?

I think in todays society it has now become custom to span Christmas over a two month period as opposed to a month. Do we really love Christmas that much that we are finding ourselves wanting to celebrate it for longer? Ummm yes.

This year I am really psyched for Christmas and would love nothing more than to put up my decorations as of NOW, but for various reasons of course. First of all I was deprived of Christmas last year due to living the travellers life in Australia and spent it basking under the hot sun on the beautiful beaches of Manly. I’m not complaining at all because it was in fact amazing, but when you have spent your entire life spending Christmas in cold weather with a beautiful snowfall (well that has sort of shot out the window now, thanks global warming) it sort of feels weird spending it elsewhere. Last year was the first time in 25 years that I did not spend Christmas with my family. I’m not going to say it was horrible, but it definitely did not feel the same. Australians are not nearly as psyched up about Christmas as us North Americans are or even Europeans for that matter. Christmas decorations and music are very minimal over in Oz. I hated it. Christmas is just a day to them, nothing more. I mean can you blame them though, their Christmas holidays are in the dead of summer. Imagine celebrating Christmas in July… can’t because it’s hella weird and we’d refuse to do so. This year I want to make up for what I had missed out last year and soak in every minute and every second of Christmas, that is including putting up decorations early. I will say this though, I do draw the line at Christmas music and movies. THAT IS WAY TOO EARLY TO BEGIN THOSE FESTIVITIES and should not begin until the first of December. My father was already caught last week listening to the Christmas radio station and Christmas channel on TV…..he won’t admit it but he loves Christmas just as much as the rest of us.

So as I sit here mulling over the idea of Christmas and when it is considered too early to get into the spirit of it all I think that decision is each to their own. I mean if you begin to start celebrating Christmas before Halloween then you seriously need to start reconsidering your decision. As for me, Christmas will forever begin on the first of December, no matter how badly I want those decorations to go up.

Cheers to all us Christmas lovers and wishing December was here already!



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