A Glimpse of 2017

Hello Wildflowers!

As this year is coming to a a close I want to think back on this joyous year and the lessons that I have learned from it. I never imagined that I would finally experience an amazing year filled with so many happy memories and life experiences. Lets just say that 2016 and 2015 were both emotionally stressful and disastrous years for me. Toxic relationships, emotionally abusive jobs, losing friends, sinking to rock bottom….well you get the idea. Those years were definitely not in my favour and I didn’t think I would ever see one, until this year.

To save you from reading my lengthy of a novel of a year I thought I would compress this into a list – a list that will forever have me smiling and hope to experience again some day. Maybe not in 2018, but one day I know I will and until than here it is, my 2017….

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash
  1. Rung in the New Year on a Fast Ferry boat in the Sydney Harbour – being able to be in 2017 before my friends and family felt pretty amazing
  2. Got promoted at a job that I didn’t think would ever happen, especially when on a short term visa
  3. Learned how to surf
  4. Made lifelong friends – too many to count
  5. Spent the first four months of 2017 basking in the sun, swimming in the cool ocean waters and enjoying those summer evening sunsets
  6. Spent the month of April traveling the east coast of Australia, these places included…
  7. Melbourne: enjoyed drinking their rich coffees, admiring their endless graffiti alleyways and digging their European like vibes
  8. Cairns: enjoyed exploring their humid rainforests, seeing insects bigger than my hand, swimming in warm lakes with habitant crocs and under freezing waterfalls, sliding down waterfall rocks and swimming against fast current waters. Best of all….. snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and forever smiling at the thought that I got to experience something truly beautiful
  9. Magnetic Island: enjoyed exploring the island by foot to seek out beautiful beaches and feeling the warm sand between my toes
  10. Finally held a koala – another item checked off my bucket list
  11. Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays: enjoyed spending a few days sailing around the Whitsundays with an amazing group of people. Our days were filled with snorkelling, sunbathing on deck, exploring the white sandy islands, paddle boarding at sunset, and forever sharing endless stories about our travels.
  12. Came face to face with a turtle while snorkelling the Whitsunday waters
  13. Agnes Water: enjoyed surfing the waters with some hottie Australians, attempted to ride a motorbike which ended miserably, but still kept me amused (somewhat) and hung with a bunch of rescued roos who will forever steal my heart
  14. Fraser Island: enjoyed spending a few days camping and exploring the island with yet another group of amazing people. Our days were filled with swimming crystal blue lakes, sitting in freezing champagne waters, tubing down a river, basking in the sun, jamming to tunes, admiring the starry nights, drinking to our hearts content and sharing endless stories of our travels
  15. Noosa: spent my days reading, learning of another ones past and admiring her strength, exploring the national parks, walking the beaches at sunset and fully appreciating of what I had got to experience over those past three weeks
  16. Brisbane – enjoyed my day exploring the city by foot and meeting up with old friends
  17. Spent the month of May traveling parts of South East Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand
  18. Ended my travels in Hong Kong with spending my days exploring their beautiful city, watching Dragon boat races on a yacht and forever admiring their culture
  19. Spent my summer in Toronto catching up with old friends and exploring new places
  20. Still living the single ass life and forever embracing it ❤


Cheers to 2017!




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