About me….where do I begin with this one. I always imagined writing one of these things as a Tinder or Happn profile, trying to lure in my many admirers with a short list of my likes and dislikes (this is an open field I’m playing with here).  I mean I should be describing myself as I see fit, right? Well here it goes…..

  • Adventurous Type
  • Live for Spontaneous Moments
  • Full of Sass and Smiles
  • Wine (insert wine glass emoji) and Coffee (insert coffee mug emoji) Lover – the emoji’s represent my fun side, clearly
  • Vinyl Collector
  • Gypsy Goddess
  • Confidence Level: Kanye West

We’ll just lie and say we met at the library…

That was not suppose to be pasted into that list….remind me to fire my assistant aka me and this mischievous cat that my sister has forced me to babysit. Actually you know what let’s just take a different approach to this….

Hello my fellow weirdos, blog lovers, sass stars and Queens,

My name is Jaclyn, but others prefer to call me Jacks because it saves them having to say those two extra syllables in my name. I mean it totally makes sense, but that is besides the point. I started this blog in February of 2016 in the hopes to find my true form of motivation and happiness again. I was stuck in a rut thinking the world was out to get me. I couldn’t help but think I had done something wrong and this was my punishment. Failed relationships, ending friendships and hating a job I once thought was a dream to have. I was crumbling and hadn’t the slightest clue how to repair any of it. I was incapable of being happy, only sulking. I tried to hide from the world and escape my miseries through the form of writing. I claimed to have had many stories to share, but I never did share them. I just sulked. It was what I had done best no doubt. I soon realized that my true form of happiness was in travelling and writing to my hearts content.

This blog is my bright side. Sharing my love, ideas and stories in the world of fashion and travelling. This is my free-spirited life.



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