Favourite Street Styles

Hello Wildflowers!

I know it has been awhile since I have last shared with all of you my favourite street styles of the week! I am really trying to pick up my game here, but clearly I am slacking…..no surprise there really. I am slowly starting to come up with my New Years resolution list which includes being more active on Gypsy Eyes. Over the past few weeks I have saved several street styles that I have absolutely adored and have been obsessed with, but I have been so side tracked with a new job and everything else going on in my life that I haven’t been able to share these styles with you! Since there were so many to share with you and where to find those styles on the cheap, I thought I would only share my top three that I have so happened to rack up over these past few weeks.

STREET STYLE ONE – Adenorah in Cords and Furs

STREET STYLE TWO – Jacey DuprieJacey Duprie in Overalls and Classic Bell Sleeves

STREET STYLE THREE – Lydia in Oversized Sweater and Knee High Boots

For more of my favourite street styles check out my Pinterest page!


Inspiration Credits: Free People and Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact me.


16 New Hits at Free People

Hello Wildflowers!

I know it has been awhile since I have last posted about the latest trends hitting our streets but I have been busy trying to find myself and figure out my career path these past few weeks (don’t worry you will all hear about it soon I’m sure).

I want to share with all of you my new favourite styles from FREE PEOPLE and how to rock them as your own! This is the brand that defines me and my very gypsy like soul and style!

1) Jumpsuits
One of the easiest styles to dress up or down, regardless of where you are going. Pair these jumpsuits with a baggy sweater, vintage rock tee, sheer lace long sleeve…the possibilities are endless!

2) Bell Sleeve Tops
I am absolutely in LOVE with this latest style that has graced us this year. I find it to be such a classic and elegant look regardless of how you decide to wear it. Dress it down with a pair of high waisted jeans or with one of the above jumpsuits. They also come in a wide range of colours!!!

3) Sweaters & Kimonos
Easy pairings with anything….jeans, dresses, tunics and not to mention an awesome way to wear a jumpsuit! Seriously, jumpsuits are the way to go.

4) Laces and Dresses
Need I say more about these looks? Super easy to dress up or down – thigh high boots, rocking sneakers…..you get the idea.

Pair em with any of the above looks and you are slaying those streets as a walking gypsy goddess!

Happy Gypsy Soul Shopping!



Inspiration Credits: Free People
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact me.

Christmas Parties & Sequins

Hello Wildflowers!

Tis’ the season for endless Christmas parties and everything sequins.

It is that time of year again where we find ourselves hitting the stores and discovering that new IT dress for the holidays. The time to start planning that big night out with your co-workers and getting extremely awkward after one too many drinks. Or throwing that extravagant Christmas party every year that leaves us promising to never do it again. As for me, seeing as I am still currently living that poor retail life where work Christmas parties just don’t exist in my world, I don’t have a legit excuse for forking over a dress. So with this I am currently having to live courageously through all of you and get excited for these must wear trends of the season! That is the one thing I love about Christmas parties (work related or not) is that it is a prime excuse to go over the top and leave your comfort zone. It is that time of year that you can wear something that you’d normally never find yourself wearing to work or even a night out with your girlfriends. It’s okay to be extra for that one night and jump into sequins, jumpsuits, sparkles, metallics, and anything that screams Christmas!

Happy  Shopping!


Inspiration Credits: Zara Canada, Free People, The Bay and Urban Outfitters
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact me.

Christmas…Too Soon?

Hello Wildflowers!

Christmas is in the air and cold weather is upon us, but when is it time to start decorating our homes and indulging in never ending Mariah? This is the question that we ask ourselves every year, wondering if we should start following the trends that retail has begun to do. Over this past week I have had a few discussions with various people on when is it considered too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit. I remember growing up that getting into the idea of Christmas was not a thing until the first of December or until we were graced with the first snow fall of the season. The day after Halloween seemed lunatic at the time seeing as us children were still loathing over the idea of it being over. So when is it considered too early?

I think in todays society it has now become custom to span Christmas over a two month period as opposed to a month. Do we really love Christmas that much that we are finding ourselves wanting to celebrate it for longer? Ummm yes.

This year I am really psyched for Christmas and would love nothing more than to put up my decorations as of NOW, but for various reasons of course. First of all I was deprived of Christmas last year due to living the travellers life in Australia and spent it basking under the hot sun on the beautiful beaches of Manly. I’m not complaining at all because it was in fact amazing, but when you have spent your entire life spending Christmas in cold weather with a beautiful snowfall (well that has sort of shot out the window now, thanks global warming) it sort of feels weird spending it elsewhere. Last year was the first time in 25 years that I did not spend Christmas with my family. I’m not going to say it was horrible, but it definitely did not feel the same. Australians are not nearly as psyched up about Christmas as us North Americans are or even Europeans for that matter. Christmas decorations and music are very minimal over in Oz. I hated it. Christmas is just a day to them, nothing more. I mean can you blame them though, their Christmas holidays are in the dead of summer. Imagine celebrating Christmas in July…..you can’t because it’s hella weird and we’d refuse to do so. This year I want to make up for what I had missed out last year and soak in every minute and every second of Christmas, that is including putting up decorations early. I will say this though, I do draw the line at Christmas music and movies. THAT IS WAY TOO EARLY TO BEGIN THOSE FESTIVITIES and should not begin until the first of December. My father was already caught last week listening to the Christmas radio station and Christmas channel on TV…..he won’t admit it but he loves Christmas just as much as the rest of us.

So as I sit here mulling over the idea of Christmas and when it is considered too early to get into the spirit of it all I think that decision is each to their own. I mean if you begin to start celebrating Christmas before Halloween then you seriously need to start reconsidering your decision. As for me, Christmas will forever begin on the first of December, no matter how badly I want those decorations to go up.

Cheers to all us Christmas lovers and wishing December was here already!



Hallow Costumes

Hallow Wildflowers!

With October coming to an end and Halloween just around the corner it is that time of year again for us all to have a mini panic attack over what to wear for a pointless night out. I for one have never really been one for Halloween. I mean I’ve never disliked it as a kid, I absolutely loved it and always got excited to see what costume my mom had decided for me to be for that year. She had always decided on who I was to be, which I guess led me to not liking the idea of Halloween as I got older. I had always just left it in her hands and never stressed about it. More times than not, my mom always found herself handing me something that I or my sisters had previously worn in the past. Throughout my entire childhood my mom had only ever bought me two brand new costumes. Everything else in between was made up on the fly. The only year I remember ever putting any effort into my costume was my first year of high school. In that year I went to a private school for the first time so Halloween was sort of a big deal. It meant that you did not have to wear your boring uniform and have a little fun with your outfit. That year I went as Daphne from Scoopy Doo. I remember seeing this costume at one of your typical Halloween party stores and wanting to buy it so badly, but I couldn’t justify the price for it. So I took a little trip to Value Village and managed to score myself a vintage pink dress, a lime green tee that I later cut up to use as a neck scarf and head piece, and some stellar purple flats for cheap. I even went as far as dying my hair orange for this, it was amazing! I wish I had taken a picture of myself from that day because that was probably the only time I ever got psyched about a Halloween costume idea. The years that followed after I never could bring myself to get motivated again and put my heart into finding a really cool costume. I always found myself rummaging through my closet trying to find something that could easily work last minute. I almost have to laugh thinking back on some of my costume ideas over the years….

As one can obviously see, these costume ideas clearly came out of my closet with no thought given. I was never one for spending money unless I knew I was going to use that piece again. This year I am completely stumped on what I’m going to wear and have no idea what I can use in my closet to make up something on the fly.

If you are currently stuck in my given situation with wanting to spend little to no money, but still want to have that creative costume idea then fear no more! I want to share with all of you some creative Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank, but will leave you wearing these styles again after this dreadful “holiday”.

Dressing up at a princess is easy, especially if you want to make it current. Grab a tiara from your nearest dollar store, buy an elegant piece dress that fits into the colour scheme of the princess of your choosing and BAM! I’d pick a Princess that you most resemble or a colour that you know you will find yourself wearing again.


Need more clothes for work, but don’t know how to go about it with also needing a costume for the office? This costume will do it. Buy yourself a classy black skirt, a simple white blouse (if you do not already have one hanging in your closet) and vintage round “glasses” to complete this Halloween look! The bonus part is, glasses are the on-going trend at the moment! Go crazy!


The little black lace dress is my favourite style of all! This typical style is amazing because it can work for several unique costume ideas, such as a baby doll, candy skull or Wednesday Adams. All you need is some creative makeup, hair in braids, and a look that reads “I hate Halloween, leave me alone.”


This style is probably the most iconic and classic one of all, but can work so well if done right. Again, all one would need is a simple black dress, some vintage looking like pearls, a tiara, black sunnies and a pair of long silk gloves from the dollar store. EASY!


We all love that iconic sassy cartoon character, especially when it comes to Lucy Van Pelt.  If you’ve got the sass than anything is possible. Grab yourself a vintage like blue denim dress, classic brogues, blue ankle socks and a football to complete this look!


Happy Costume Hunting!


Inspiration Credits: Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact me.

Fall Trends 2017

Hello Wildflowers!

With fall now in full swing, possibly minus us Torontonians due to lack of fall like weather, I would like to share with all of you this years trends and where to find them on the cheap aka Zara.

Why Zara?

Again, as previously mentioned, Zara is the most affordable and trendy clothing retail outlet out there! Not to mention that they are also located worldwide! Providing all fashion enthusiasts with the latest trends all year round. Anything and everything can be found here, you can turn their styles into your own. The possibilities are endless, always. My gypsy boho inspired personal style never fails when shopping at Zara. With working a minimum wage job, I know they will never disappoint when seeking an all new trend for cheap. This is why I always choose Zara and will always showcase their clothing on my blog.

In my latest post, Paris Fashion Week Street Styles, I had briefly mentioned the trends that were hitting the streets during fashion month. Every year fashion bloggers, enthusiasts, designers, celebrities, editors, and anyone with a fashion forward mind set the tone for what is to be expected for this season. They are the trends.


The one thing I love about this trend is that you can practically pair anything with it, literally ANYTHING. This is where your personal style can kick in, make it YOU. With tulle being sheer and basic, one can easily dress it up or down. Pair it with a vintage rock tee, a groovy bra, ripped jeans, a slip dress, 70’s rockin’ booties or thigh high boots – the possibilities are endless. I love this look and I believe everyone should have a tulle piece hanging in their closet for this fall season.





Now every season this is sort of a given, but this year it is all about the small geometric shaped like bags – bucket, round, square, etc. – this is the all new fad happening this fall, especially in bold and/or unique prints.

For more of this years fall fashion trends please check out my various Pinterest pages including Falling in Love with Fall and Street Styles!

Happy Fall Trending!


Inspiration Credits: Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us me.

Paris Fashion Week Street Styles

Hello Wildflowers!

Yet again another amazing Fashion Week has come to an end and possibly one of the most anticipating one of all – PARIS!

There were some amazing street styles captured last week from famous Vogue photographer Phil Oh. As I have mentioned previously, I have always been an admirer of the European style, particularly the French. They know how to dress outside the box and are never afraid to take those fashion risks. They set the tone for the season for all us fashion forward individuals. Over these past few weeks I have gathered the same styles being worn and will possibly be these seasons upcoming street style trends.

  1. Sheer tops and dresses
  2. Rockin’ 70’s style booties
  3. Big chunky knits and statement skirts
  4. Printed quirky knits
  5. Puffy sleeves

Of course though I will go more into this seasons trends and where to find them without breaking the bank in a new blog post soon! But for now, here are my top street style looks from Paris Fashion Week and where to find them on the cheap!

Street Style Look One: Little Black Tulle Dress

This style is great when paired with a vintage jean or leather jacket, fitted blazer or a bold baggy sweater – the possibilities are endless, be creative! Add that YOU to this style.

Street Style Look Two: Maxi Skirts & Baggy Printed Sweaters

Street Style Look Three: Long Coats & Midi Skirts

Street Style Look Four: Puffy Sleeve Dresses

Add that creative YOU piece to this style – high thigh boots, 70’s booties, little statement hand bag – again the possibilities are endless!

Street Style Look Five: Puffy Sleeve Blouses & Trousers

For more of my favourite street style looks from Paris Fashion Week please check out my Street Style Pinterest page!


Inspiration Credits: VOGUE Paris Fashion Week, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us me.


This past month I made the drastic decision (literally drastic) to give up drinking for the entire month of September. I had what others would refer to as a dry month and may I just add that it was hell. I’ve had a lot of my friends ask me why I thought this was such a good idea and if I lost my marbles. I mean yes I lost my marbles, I lost them last year when I thought it was a good idea to suddenly move my life to Australia with no strategic planning, but again that turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made. So at this point I figured I was a pro at making good life choices and not drinking for an entire month would be one of those choices. Spoiler alert, it totally wasn’t, but I am here to share with you my experience and any tips I have for others who also want to give this a whirlwind go.

Before I go into my experience with all of this, let me first explain to you all why I decided to do a dry month, particularly September. My answer is simple, one that many others will not bring themselves to admit, but I have been drinking like a fiend since I landed in Australia last year and I haven’t stopped since. Their drinkers down under and will find any excuse to have a cold one. I feel like I had morphed into one of them and continued to carry this out when I landed back in the homeland this summer. Summer and drinking goes hand in hand so well, everyone knows this. It is a well known fact and us Canadians during this time of year will find any excuse to have a drink in our hand before crawling back into hibernation for the winter months. So I thought to myself, why not cleanse my body and liver for a month by not drinking, I mean how hard can it be?

Very hard.

Okay first off I would like to point out though that I did have a slip up on the first day when I took a single shot of Vodka, but may I add I was completely peer pressured into doing it. It was more of a final send off to no drinking for the month and it was vodka, so in my books it totally doesn’t count.

I think when it comes to giving anything up for the first time the first few days, if not week, will be the hardest. I went from a having a casual drink every night, whether it was having a beer at the bar with some friends or a glass of Pino after work while binge watching Friends on Netflix, to completely cutting it out cold turkey. Needless to say, I was dying. The worst part I think to get over is seeing your friends drink while you sit there with a glass of water in your hands trying to act as if the decision you had just made was totally fine when in fact you regret every minute of it. Even the smell of wine was making me go crazy, I hated it. There have been numerous times when I had wanted to cave and say SCREW IT! When I got to those points I began asking myself, am I really that obsessed with having a drink? Is this what I have become? Now I’m not saying I’m an alcoholic, I know for a fact that I am not. I know when to stop myself from having a drink from now and then, but I didn’t realize until doing this free zone drinking how much I would actually drink on a weekly basis. But I think what kept me going was the support system I had and the promise I had made myself in doing this. I wanted to prove myself wrong in that I could go alcohol free for a month without depending on a drink.

Photo by Lukas Robertson on Unsplash

After doing this I realized several key notes that I would like to point out of both the pros and cons of doing a dry month. This is what I gathered….


  1. Clean liver
  2. Feeling refreshed in the mornings as opposed to feeling like you’ve been hit by a train several times in your sleep
  3. Saving money
  4. Getting to experience how idiotic your friends really are when they drink and documenting every second of it
  5. Appreciating the food that you eat when fine dining as opposed to inhaling your plate to soak up the bottle of wine you just had


  1. In bed by 11pm on a Saturday night because your body refuses to let you stay up without the fuel of alcohol
  2. Indulging in sweets to fight the urge of drinking – too many times have I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream with Lucky Charms just to battle this urging
  3. Gaining more weight than intended due to eating a buffet of sweets – I definitely lost more weight when drinking, without a word of a lie
  4. Missing out on the last moments of patio season, especially when the weather decides to introduce us into a heat wave for the last week of September
  5. Missing out on the social drinking while you have to sit there nursing a glass of water like an idiot – YASSSSS! Which again brings me back to my first point….

If I had to pick one major disaster from all of this it would definitely be the weight gain. One of the main reasons I also decided to do this dry month was in the hopes to lose weight from all the alcohol I have been drinking, but it did the exact opposite to me. I was seeking sugar elsewhere and well my mouth managed to find its way into ice-cream, cakes, sugary cereal and red velvet cookies. Definitely no strategic planning done here, no surprise.

In the end I am proud of myself for sticking this out and accomplishing what I had set out to do, again minus the weight loss aspect. I learned from this that I don’t need a drink for every social outing that I go to and how much I love the fact of waking up in the mornings knowing a hangover is not going to kick in. I can and will say that the way I drink will be changing (for now), but here are some of my tips I can give to those who too wish to have a dry month of their own.


  1. DON’T do a dry September – opt for a month where no big social events are going on and summer isn’t still floating in the air.
  2. A week leading up to your dry month slowly ease out of the drinking, don’t indulge and pack it all in thinking it will suffice you for the month, I can tell you that it won’t.
  3. You will be seeking indulgence elsewhere – if you are like me and already crave sugar on a daily basis, opt for dark chocolate. It is a lot healthier than stuffing your face with a bowl of vanilla ice cream with freshly baked red velvet cookies mushed into it….definitely not my finest moment. This is where your strong will power will need to come in, mine clearly failed but I have more hope for you.
  4. Have a support system, it seriously helps. Every time I wanted to give up and have a social drink I would text my friends and ask if it was a good idea to drop this whole dry month nonsense and get back into drinking. They then would respond with the same question I had just asked them, which again leaves you questioning yourself why you are doing this in the first place.
  5. Plan for a big night out on the first day back into drinking to celebrate what you had just accomplished. It’ll have you looking forward to the months end and realize how dramatic you were being this entire time.

Happy Sobriety!




London & Milan Fashion Week

Hello Wildflowers!

This past month there have been some stellar street styles from various fashion weeks across the globe. Last week I shared some of my favourite street styles from New York Fashion Week and where to find those styles on the cheap! This week I want to share with you my favourite street styles from London’s and Milan’s Fashion Week.

I have always been one for street styles and admiring variations of peoples personal styles, especially in different parts of the world. Europe is and always will be renowned for their street styles. I admire these women in how they always appear so effortless yet elegant and sophisticated as well in their styles. I want to be these women. I am always finding new ways to revamp my style and pull off the classic European street style look, but with a hint of my personal bohemian style as well. I need to add a little bit of me to these styles, as should everyone. These styles that I share with you and where to find them on the cheap will always incorporate the bohemian personal style that I have – I need to add my personal brand to these styles sort of speak, as should you.

Here are my TOP 5 street style looks from London’s and Milan’s Fashion Week – please click on the following links to navigate to my Pinterest page to see these looks!

Street Style One: Silk Kimonos & Floral Maxi’s

Street Style Two: Tulle Dress & Checkered Blazers

Street Style Three: High Boots & Baggy Sweaters

Street Style Four: Puffy Sleeves & Statement Midi Skirts

Street Style Five: Floral Prints and Retro Jean Jackets

For more of my favourite street style looks from the London and Milan Fashion Week please check out my Street Style Pinterest page!


Inspiration Credits: VOGUE London Fashion Week, VOGUE Milan Fashion Week and Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us me.


New York Fashion Week Street Styles

Hello Wildflowers!

Last week I started a new segment on my blog where I will be sharing all of my favourite looks and where to find them on the cheap!

With New York Fashion week now at an end I thought I would share some of my favourite street styles from that week and how you can revamp those looks to a whole new level without having to max out your credit cards (if you haven’t already!)

Here are my TOP 5 street style looks from the New York Fashion Week – please click on the following links to navigate to my Pinterest page to see these looks!


Street Style Look One: Mesh & Midi Dresses

Street Style Look Two: Printed Dresses & Statement Handbags

Street Style Look Three: Rock Tees & Bold Skirts

Street Style Look Four: Slogan Sweatshirts & Artsy Skirts

Street Style Look Five: Retro Denim Skirts & Puffy Sleeve Blouses

For more of my favourite street style looks from the New York Fashion Week please check out my Street Style Pinterest page!

Inspiration Credits: VOGUE New York Fashion Week and Zara Canada
DISCLAIMER: I endeavour to always credit the correct original source of every image I use. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us me.