Gypsy Trails

A Gypsy’s Tale: Sharing my endless moments from my year away in Australia and everywhere else in between! Over the course of this year I have taken thousands of photographs documenting my time spent away and I want to share these stories with you. I want to finally tell my side of the story. No fluff, no bullshit, just me and the many laughs, tears, angry outbursts and smiles that have been endured. Please follow @gypsytrails.xx on Instagram

Sydney, Australia
Just a little over a year ago on June 25th, 2016 I made the most unexpected and drastic move of my life. I quit my job, packed up my things and moved to the other side of the world – Sydney, Australia. For the past year I’ve had the same two questions asked of me time and time again – why the sudden move and why Australia. My answer was simple – Australia was the furthest place I saw away from home and why the hell not, we only live once. For those who know me understand that my biggest fear in life is waking up one day and regretting the things I didn’t get to do when I had the opportunity to go do them. I personally felt that I was at a point in my life last year where I just couldn’t breathe anymore and thought this was it, I have finally hit rock bottom and there is no where to go from here but up. I spent countless nights crying over my emotionally abused job, a man who I once thought was my everything and just being emotionally exhausted over my same routined life. It terrified me seeing everyone around me either sticking to a job they too hated or getting engaged or having children or just haven’t done anything with their life in over 20 years. I refused to be one of those individuals and I am not by any means judging anyone who is in one of those above situations. I have always respected anyone’s way of life, but that just isn’t me and how I plan on spending my life. So with that I finally told myself that what I needed was a reset. I needed to start over and work from the bottom up in a place I had no idea about. My logic was simple and it was this, if you can pick up your life and start over in an entirely new place with no job, no friends, and no place to live then you can and will survive anything. And I did. No one said it was going to be easy and it sure in hell wasn’t, but I did it. So this is me sharing my endless gypsy trails with you and the memorable stories that have come along with them