My Personal Style

For as long as I can remember my personal style growing up was forever evolving. I could never stick to just one trend and was always in love with the idea of fashion. I was far from being your typical child growing up. The one who didn’t understand nor knew about the world of fashion, but whole heartedly understood the N64, Beanie Babies and Pokémon universe. I was the one who knew the meaning of fashion and would try on a million outfits on the morning of school picture day just until I got it right. I was always finding new and exciting ways to upstage my style, determined to stand out from the crowd and my classmates. It was my thing. Fashion was my thing.

Growing up my style was always very girly and polished. I was the one who wore the knee high socks with the pink Ugg Boots, never the one who jumped onto the skater shoe bandwagon. By the time I had reached high school I soon became known as the girl who never wore the same thing twice. Literally. Except the thing is I always had worn the same thing, I just knew how to style it differently each time. I was always creative that way. That is the beauty of fashion, you can turn any simple piece into something quirky and fun. That was always me and when I think back on my personal style I always had one thing incorporated into it and that was the link to the Boho style.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had an obsession with the classic and high fashion styles, but had always somehow incorporated the boho style into them. I have never wanted my personal style to be defined just under one umbrella, but under multiple. I guess one can say that my personal style can be defined as eclectic:

“Eclectic women pick and choose their clothes from all different styles and mix them together in a way that is unique to them. There’s no formula.” – Amanda Brooks

My eclectic style through the years: